Lines & Connectors

Lines & Connectors

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Speardiver Spearfishing Float Line

Red spearfishing float line with 600lb Spectra core

Monofilament Shooting Line

300 ft coil of 400 LB or 300 LB Speardiver monofilament shooting line

Mono Crimps

Black double sleeve monofilament copper crimps. Pack of 25

Speardiver ALL STAINLESS STEEL Crimping Tool

For mono and wire, largest crimp size 2.2 for 400lb mono, and wire diameter 2.0mm

Speargun Band Tying Twine

Spool of 1/16" waxed band tying twine, for speargun band making. Each spool has approximately 50 ft

Speardiver Wishbone Line

600 LB 1.8 mm Speardiver wishbone line. Sold by the foot

Speardiver X-Line Reel Line 200ft Spool

600lb 1.9mm %100 Spectra speargun reel line

Pigtail Snap & Swivel 450 LB

Quick connect pigtail or corkscrew snap and swivel

Coastlock Snap & Swivel 450 LB

Quick connect stainless steel Coast Lock snap with welded rings and a ball bearing swivel. For connecting shooting...

Float Line Swivel 640 LB

640 LB spearfishing float line swivel

Locking Stainless Steel Snap

Locking stainless steel snap