Tools & Repair Materials

Tools & Repair Materials

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Speardiver Spear Shaft Drilling Jig

Guides a 3/32" drill bit to make a flopper pin hole

Cobalt Drill Bit 3/32"

Makes 3/32" hole for a flopper (barb) pin

Speardiver ALL STAINLESS STEEL Crimping Tool

For mono and wire, largest crimp size 2.2 for 400lb mono, and wire diameter 2.0mm

Mono Crimps

Black double sleeve monofilament copper crimps. Pack of 25

Speargun Band Tying Twine

Spool of 1/16" waxed band tying twine, for speargun band making. Each spool has approximately 50 ft

Seal Cement Black 2oz

Seal Cement Black 2oz (60ml) wetsuit neoprene repair glue

Iron On Wetsuit Repair Patch

Repair patch for open cell wetsuit exterior

Loctite Super Glue 10 Grams

Loctite super glue longneck bottle .35oz (10 grams)

Wetsuit Buckle Snap

Wetsuit beavertail buckle snap