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Spearfishing Diving Weight Belt

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Speardiver Rubber Spearfishing Weight Belt

Speardiver Marseilles rubber weight belt for spearfishing and freediving

Rob Allen Marsellaise Weightbelt

Rob Allen Marsellaise rubber weight belt. NEW green model

Speardiver Powerhead Belt Pouch

Speardiver Neoprene belt pouch holds two powerheads for quick deployment
Speardiver X Weight Vest
  • -$20.00

Speardiver X Spearfishing Weight Vest

Black 3mm double lined neoprene weight vest
$49.95 $29.95

Speardiver Spearfishing Weight Vest

Black, 3mm double lined neoprene spearfishing weight vest
Speardiver Predator Weight Vest
  • -$20.00

Speardiver Predator Weight Vest

Red camo, 3mm double lined neoprene weight vest
$49.95 $29.95

Ball & Bungee Vest Retainer

Ball with bungee weight vest retainer