List of products by brand Sporasub

Sporasub Breeze Snorkel

Sporasub Breeze flexible spearfishing snorkel with black or green mouth piece

Sporasub Commando Knife

Sporasub Commando stainless steel spearfishing knife

Sporasub Dagger Cryot Knife

Sporasub Dagger Cryot stainless steel stiletto blade spearfishing knife

Sporasub Lady Spitfire Fin Assembly Kit

Price is for one kit. Fits Sporasub Lady Spitfire foot pockets

Sporasub Lady Spitfire Womens Foot Pocket

Price is for a single foot pocket

Sporasub Mystic Mask

Low volume spearfishing mask.

Sporasub Piranha Mask

Ultra low volume freediving mask

Sporasub Spitfire Lady Fins Replacement Blade

Single replacement plastic blade for Sporasub Spitfire Lady fins

Sporasub Spitfire Lady Womens Freediving Fins

Pair of Sporasub Spitfire Lady womens size plastic freediving fins