What neoprene is used in Speardiver wetsuits?

Thank you for considering Speardiver wetsuits. We do not disclose the type of neoprene used in Speardiver wetsuits for the following reasons.

  1. The neoprene is chosen for the optimal balance between stretchiness/comfort and resistance to permanent compression. It’s difficult to get this balance right and we don’t want our competitors copying us.
  2. There are misconceptions about neoprene in the dive community. For example Yamamoto 45 is purported to be the best and is priced accordingly. In reality it is very soft but compresses almost instantly leaving you with 1mm wetsuit instead of the 3mm you paid for. We believe the majority of divers are not in a position to form a correct opinion about a wetsuit based on the neoprene used.
We hope you understand our choice to let Speardiver suits stand on their own merit rather than throw around neoprene specifications.