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OMER Stingray Fins
  • OMER Stingray Fins
  • OMER Stingray Fins
  • OMER Stingray Fins
  • OMER Stingray Fins
  • OMER Stingray Fins
OMER Stingray Fins
OMER Stingray Fins OMER Stingray Fins OMER Stingray Fins OMER Stingray Fins OMER Stingray Fins video
  • OMER Stingray Fins

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    Pair of OMER Stingray plastic fins

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    The OMER Stingray full foot fins fixed blades are characterized by their thermo-rubber foot pockets, and the 22 degrees angle between foot pocket and blade.  With traditional scuba fin blades an angle between the heel of the foot and the calf of the leg remains when the leg is extended-to-kick. This angle causes a loss of propulsion. The 22 degree angled blade design accommodates for this anatomical characteristic and ensures maximum efficiency throughout the kicking cycle. The 22 degree angle results in optimizing the power of the push through the water relative to effort.

    The use of thermo-rubber of two different stiffness compounds increases comfort over normal foot pockets. The blades of the Stingray are produced in a low-modular polypropylene material. Extending from the foot pocket are side rails which add stiffness to the blade and prevent water from “spilling" over the outer edge of the blade. The blade of the fin is also channeled. The side rails and channels focus the movement of water down the surface of the blade increasing power and stabilizing the fin. The foot pocket is equipped with a large rubber pull-tab making it easier to put on and take off the fins.

    • Modular design, foot pocket and blade can be separated and replaced independently.
    • Stingray foot pockets are compatible with standard carbon and fiberglass blades allowing a future upgrade.

    Measuring foot for spearfishing freediving fins
    OMER Stingray foot pocket sizes
    39-40 (5-6)
    41-42 (7-8)
    43-44 (9-10)
    45-46 (11-12)
    47-48 (13-14)
    49-50 (15-16)

    These sizes reflect European and US numbers stated on the foot pockets. The European size is correct but the US size may not be accurate. It's important to use the stated sizes as a reference to the foot pocket only, not necessarily as to how it fits. If in doubt about which size to buy choose the "To Measure" size option, then at checkout provide your foot measurement in the message field and we'll send the correct size foot pockets.

    How to measure your foot
    Put a ruler against the wall and stand on it with your heel against the wall, Your measurement "A" is where the furthest toe ends. In the same way measure the width of your foot at the widest part.

    Specific References