Aluminum Speargun Tube With Track
  • Aluminum Speargun Tube With Track


    Aluminum speargun tube with built in track black

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    The Speardiver Aluminum Speargun Tube is a light stiff tube with 26mm inner diameter and 1.5mm wall thickness. Track height is 4.5mm above the inner diameter. These are the same high quality aluminum tubes used with Speardiver Phantom and Stealth spearguns. Tubes comes with black anodized finish.

    These tubes will fit most standard 26mm ID parts, and a wider range of handles and muzzles which may require a little filing down the peg to reduce its diameter, or shimming to increase it, for a good tight fit.

    The tubes are not plugged, included with each tube are two rubber plugs which are used to seal it. If needed more rubber plugs are sold separately.

    • Tubes are available in lengths from 50cm to 120cm.
    • A 2 inch long tube section is available as a sample to test fit with your speargun parts. You may select it from the Length drop down menu.

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