Ermes Leonardo Reel
  • Ermes Leonardo Reel


    Vertical Titanium speargun reel with automatic spooling

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    Ermes Leonardo speargun reel with automatic spooling. The only spearfishing reel in the world that automatically winds line from side to side. This frees the fingers of the hand holding the speargun from guiding the reel line back and forth. At the same time making it unnecessary to turn the speargun upside down to reel in the line. In other words speargun can be held like a fishing rod while winding line. This way the diver can keep his eyes on the fish if missed the shot or in case of tear off instead of looking at the reel while preparing for a second shot.

    • All Titanium construction.
    • Worm drive shaft and line guide made of 316 stainless steel.
    • Spool made of durable high quality nylon infused composite.
    • Graduated braking system. This means click click click as you turn the drag knob to tighten or loosen drag.
    • Ergonomic design.
    • Robust support base with an additional adapter allowing fitment on all spearguns, round barrel and flat wood stock.
    • Light reel with minimal effect on buoyancy.
    • Line capacity with 1.5mm reel line:
      • 57 50m
      • 77 100m
      • 93 150m
    • Line capacity with 1.9mm reel line:
      • 57 30m
      • 77 60m
      • 93 90m

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