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Mares Snake 2.1 Knife
  • Mares Snake 2.1 Knife
  • Mares Snake 2.1 Knife
Mares Snake 2.1 Knife
Mares Snake 2.1 Knife Mares Snake 2.1 Knife video
  • Mares Snake 2.1 Knife

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    Mares Snake 2.1 stainless steel spearfishing knife

    • Black/Blue
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    Mares Snake 2.1 knife is the updated version of the original classic Mares Snake knife. Notable new features are a spear extractor built into the blade and the blue handle. It has 4mm thick, 13.5cm long stainless steel blade with one serrated shearing edge and one cutting edge. Soft anti-slip handle and semi-rigid sheath that can be fastened on the leg or belt.

    Knife specifications

    • Total knife length: 10" (25.5cm).
    • Handle length: 4.75" (12cm).
    • Blade length: 5.25" (13.5cm).
    • Blade thickness: 0.16" (4mm).
    • Blade characteristics: Stainless steel, one serrated edge.
    • Knife weight: 5.3oz (150g).
    • Rubber straps with quick release plastic buckles.


    • A unique feature of the Mares Snake 2.1 knife is its anti-corrosion system with the threaded anode/butt in the handle.
    • One of the best features of this knife is that the butt end unscrews allowing quick and easy disassembly for thorough cleaning and oiling of the knife. After the butt is tightened down the knife is very solid with no shifting inside the sheath.
    • The ergonomic handle has a stiff rubbery texture and feels very secure in the hand.
    • High visibility polished stainless steel blade.
    • Serrated edge to cut mono, cable, or fish. The serrated edge easily cuts through 400lb mono and is capable of cutting through stainless steel cable.
    • The blade is very stiff, it can be used to chip away rock to retrieve a stuck shaft, without fear of bending the knife tip or breaking the blade.
    • The knife is secured in the sheath ready for quick release with a built in clip, that grabs the handle just below the butt with a pincer action. A rubber loop that goes over the end of the handle offers additional security.
    • Sheath can be calf, thigh, or belt mounted.
    Video showing the older version of the Mares Snake 2.1 knife.

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