Speardiver Foot Pocket
  • Speardiver Foot Pocket
Speardiver Foot Pocket
  • Speardiver Foot Pocket


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    * Fin assembly kit is included.

    Speardiver foot pockets for spearfishing and freediving fins in red and black, are the only foot pockets still manufactured from %100 natural rubber. All other brands moved on to use the cheaper synthetic Thermoplastic rubber (TPR) and injection molding manufacturing process. Experienced divers know that synthetic rubber does not match the performance and durability of natural rubber fin pockets. Synthetic rubber fin pockets are good for two or three diving seasons, natural rubber fin pockets will last 10 years and more depending on frequency of use.

    The Speardiver pocket is soft and comfortable. The sole is stiff and allows good power transfer to the blades resulting in efficient fin strokes. The foot pocket tendons have moderate stiffness and offer good support to the blade without negatively affecting its flex pattern.

    Speardiver foot pockets utilize the conventional fin blade installation system, where the foot pocket tendons snap over the T shaped rubber blade rails. Speardiver foot pockets will accept all standard shaped carbon and fiberglass blades with foot pocket rails installed.

    Measuring foot for spearfishing freediving fins
    Speardiver foot pocket sizes
    38-39 (6-7)
    40-41 (7-8)
    42-43 (8-9)
    44-45 (10-11)
    46-47 (11.5-12)

    These sizes reflect European and US numbers stated on the foot pockets. It's important to use the stated sizes as a reference to the foot pocket itself not necessarily as to how it fits. For example the 42-43 size fits a shoe size 11 foot (actual foot length 11", width 4.25") snugly without socks. If in doubt about which size to buy choose the "To Measure" size option, then at checkout provide your foot measurement in the message field and we'll send the correct size foot pockets.

    How to measure your foot
    Put a ruler against the wall and stand on it with your heel against the wall, Your measurement "A" is where the furthest toe ends. In the same way measure the width of your foot at the widest part.

    Specific References

    Speardiver Fin Assembly Kit

    Price is for one kit. Fits Speardiver foot pockets
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