Speardiver Carbon Speargun
  • Speardiver Carbon Speargun
Speardiver Carbon Speargun

Speardiver Stealth Carbon Speargun


60cm - 140cm speargun with carbon barrel and integrated track

  • Black
  • White
  • Silver
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Yellow
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Speardiver Stealth carbon speargun has a light ergonomic handle that offers improved leverage over the speargun for ease of tracking, an important feature when using longer spearguns. The carbon tube has a deep integrated tack. Ergonomic handle with textured grips, available in a number of colors to suit personal visibility preferences, further improve grip and control of the speargun. The grip is raised high and close to the plane of travel of the bands/spear, reducing muzzle jump and increasing accuracy. Made of a tough composite material, the Stealth handle has a durable all stainless steel reverse trigger mechanism with an auto resetting side line release and integrated loading butt. The Speardiver Stealth Carbon trigger mechanism accepts euro shaft ranging from 6.5mm to 7.5mm in diameter. The reverse trigger mechanism adds 5cm (2") of band stretch allowing maximum use of the speargun length for increased power and range. The side line release is fail proof working directly off the sear, and easily accommodates two wraps of shooting line.

Speardiver Stealth Carbon Speargun is ordered assembled to your specifications:

  • Reel mount: With or Without.
  • Handle color: Black, Grey, White, Blue, Red or Yellow.
  • Muzzle: Open or closed.
  • Band configuration: 2 x 14mm, 2 x 16mm, 1 x 17.5mm or 1 x 19mm
  • Shaft diameter: 7mm, 7.5mm
  • Shaft material: Carbon steel with notches or Stainless Steel with mini Sharkfin tabs.

Speardiver Stealth Carbon Speargun in action

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