Speardiver SS 5/16 US Shafts
  • Speardiver SS 5/16 US Shafts
Speardiver SS 5/16 US Shafts
  • Speardiver Stainless Steel American Flopper Shafts


    Stainless steel 9/32" and 5/16" American trigger notch shafts, with flopper, pencil point and full size sharkfin tabs

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    Long package shipping surcharge USPS and UPS charge a higher dimensional shipping rate (an additional $15) for packages that are longer than 36". All the spears we offer are longer than 36" and incur this additional shipping charge. We keep our product prices as low as possible, while maintaining a viable margin to be able to continue offering our customers high quality products and service. For this reason we must pass this additional shipping cost on to the customer. It's a one time fee, adding more spears to your cart will not trigger it again. In other words whether you buy one shaft or 3 shafts, there will be only one $15 shipping surcharge.

    Heat treated 9/32" (7mm) and 5/16" (8mm) stainless steel American trigger notch shafts with a pencil point. The flopper is 3.125" long and is on the bottom. All 5/16" shafts have 3 full size sharkfin tabs. 9/32" shafts 60" or less have 2 full size sharkfin tabs, 62" and above have 3. The tabs are deburred/smooth and will accept Dyneema wishbones without fraying them.

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