Pin for Flopper / Barb
  • Pin for Flopper / Barb
Pin for Flopper / Barb
  • Spear Flopper Barb Pin Rivet


    Stainless steel 3/32" diameter spear flopper barb pin rivet

    Pin end
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    Stainless steel pin/rivet used to install a flopper/barb on a speargun spear. Pins have one domed head and come with option of solid or hollow at the other end. Hollow end pin is .50" long, it's only hollow to about 1/8" depth at the end. Solid end pin is .57" long. The hollow end pin doesn't require cutting to length and is easier to peen. The solid end pin requires cutting to correct length before peening the end.

      Speardiver tip

    Peening means carefully tapping the circumference of the pin end with a hammer after the pin is inserted, to expand/mushroom the end thereby securing the flopper. Avoid hitting the pin end straight on as the pin may bend. A bent pin will not pivot well inside the pin hole and will impede the free movement and deployment of the flopper.

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