Ermes Falco Titanium Reel
  • Ermes Falco Titanium Reel
Ermes Falco Titanium Reel
  • Ermes Falco Reel


    Vertical Stainless Steel speargun reel 30m and 60m line capacity

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    Ermes Falco stainless steel vertical speargun reel. Reel frame has built in screw holes that match the reel mounting holes on the Ermes Avatar handle trigger guard, allowing easy direct attachment with two screws. The same holes are used to attach the reel directly to a flat bottom wood speargun. An option to add dovetail quick release reel mount with a forward dead stop and backward push button release. The quick release reel mount, made to match the same holes on the reel frame, attaches to round barrel tube guns, flat bottom wood guns, and the Ermes Avatar handle trigger guard with two included screws.


    • All Titanium construction. 
    • Spool made of durable high quality nylon infused composite.
    • Graduated braking system. This means click-click-click as you turn the drag knob to tighten or loosen drag.
    • Ergonomic design.
    • Robust support base with an additional optional adapter allowing fitment on all spearguns, round barrel and flat wood stock.
    • Light reel with minimal effect on buoyancy.
    • Line capacity with 1.5mm reel line:
      • 57 50m
      • 77 100m
    • Line capacity with 1.9mm reel line:
      • 57 30m
      • 77 60m

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