OMER Atom Knife
  • OMER Atom Knife
  • OMER Atom Knife
OMER Atom Knife
OMER Atom Knife OMER Atom Knife
  • OMER Atom Knife


    Stainless steel thin profile spearfishing knife

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    The Atom is a stiletto knife equipped with a special sheath which holds a magnet. This serves to store the knife more easily in the sheath and to reduce the possibility of loss. The sheath is suitable for being mounted on a belt or armbands. The knife is made from solid stainless steel and painted matte black to prevent reflections during the fishing action. Its total length is 17.5 cm while the blade measures 8 cm. The blade has a straight cutting edge on one side and a serrated edge on the other. The knife is equipped with a rod-body and a hole which can be used as a shaft extractor or to straighten bent shafts.

    *For belt mounting, sheath straps not included.

    Knife specifications:

    • Total knife length: 7" (17.5cm)
    • Blade length: 3" (8cm)
    • Blade characteristics: Stainless steel, painted


    • Quality Made In Italy
    • Excellent backup/secondary knife due to its small size and thin profile.
    • Single solid piece of stainless steel construction.
    • Stainless steel blade, painted black to prevent reflections.
    • Serrated edge to cut mono, cable, or fish. The serrated edge easily cuts through 400lb mono and is capable of cutting through stainless steel cable.
    • Hole in the handle can be used to extract and straighten bent shafts.
    • Quick release sheath, knife snaps into place securely.

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